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A person that is no less than the greatest in an online video game and calls all other players names such as noob, newb, newbie, or rook( rookies). After demolishing competition in FPS matches he normally laughs quietly to himself and says gg( good game).

A player that makes everyone seem like they just bought the game. Normally this person has been playing Counterstrike since release date and will continue until he has health problems or the servers go down for maintenance

A ranking higher than boss, captain, or CEO. A person just below a god.

Other equal forms of this word are Koaka, Bossnoge, Biosnioge ( Bee-Os Knee-Oj), Jabooka, and Zaun
Chase: That CS player cant be that good, he must be a hacker.

Shane: No sir, He is a bossnodge. We need to leave this room immediately before we become so embarassed with shame we will cry.
by sluderski June 04, 2009
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