Boss Battle: A fight that you have to complete to progress in a game

Mini-Boss Battle: A Boss Battle that doesn't have that much impact on a game

Final Boss Battle: A fight you have to complete to finish a game
Person A: Hey, have you seen that Boss Battle in *Insert Game Name*

Person B: Yeah, i heard it was really hard
by Yanu_ May 18, 2021
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The meaning when a woman wants to suck a man off without hinting it.
“Let’s do a Boss Battle baby!” or Using the new bitmoji stickers on several apps.
by The Online Tip September 23, 2017
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A female (or male) who puts up a considerable challenge when being approached for any social relation.
"Damn son, girl's a straight boss battle! I might have to activate beast-mode and head back over there!"
by Jonah Oryszak April 20, 2007
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A small forum game orginating from Drawception, where users draw characters and have them fight against a boss, which is considerably stronger run by one player. It has migrated from the site onto its own Discord server after its 15th fight, Meoclide Worm

Its most iconic character is Drawful D, an anthropomorphic letter D.
Sorry, I was busy drawing my action post for Boss Battles
What's that?
You draw characters and they fight.
by TopekaG December 8, 2021
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