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A Born-Again Christian is a person that through some sort of difficult time found Christianity. These Christian's tend to be far more fanatical in their beliefs. There is 2 categories for Born-Again's. 1. (Passive) These Christian's tend to be grounded in their beliefs. They tend to keep their own beliefs to themselves and except the faults of others. 2. (Pesters) These Christian's tend to have more conservative, and often times more ignorant views. They try and force their beliefs on everyone around them, regardless of those persons own beliefs. Pesters often times view the world through a very narrow mindset. Which includes the viewing of homosexual's as Sinned-Creations, meaning (Born with Sin) and feel that homosexuality is a choice not a biological fate. That anyone that doesn't choose Christianity as a religion, is wrong and therefore destin to face Hell upon their death. That Evolution is a myth, not a proven fact. That the Earth was created some 2000 years ago, instead of 4.5 Billion years ago. That Dinosaurs never existed. Pesters beliefs are based solely on the Bible. If the Bible does not explain it, then it is wrong. This has led to many groups like the KKK, who used the Bible to deem African Americans as less then whites. To the Witch-Hunts of the early 20th century. All the way up to today where Pesters use the Bible to justify acts of violence against abortion clinics and homosexuals. The most notable example of this kind of ignorance is the Crusades. A Christian war that waged for hundreds of years in the early, to late 1000's. Pesters and Passive Christian's do not hold the same type of interchangeable ideals; as passive Christian's do not hold the same fanatical views as Pesters, and therefore are not driven by the same kind of ignorance.
A Born-Again Pester came up to me at the store today and tried to convert me. When I told him I wasn't interested, he told me that if I continued to live my life as a Non-Christian, that my soul would be doomed to Hell. He then said he would pray for me. When I asked him how he would feel if I told him I was going to pray to Satan in his name, regardless if he wanted me to or not, he got mad. So I told him by him calling my beliefs wrong, and by telling me he would pray for me no matter what I said, that it was the same as me forcing my religion onto him. Beliefs or not, it's not his right to use my name in such a way. Then he just quietly walked away from me.
by the2ndflood March 11, 2008
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