A fabulous island used for depressed souls ... wake me up wake me up inside
I went to bora bora before I'm dead
by Hello bb March 1, 2017
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A phrase, commonly used amongst backpackers, to make someone immediately change the language of their conversation into English, so it may be understood by everyone in a international gathering of people. The phrase was first used on the French Polynesian Island Bora Bora, which it also is named after.
Sven (in Swedish) : Jag gillar verkligen ost!
Greta ( Also in Swedish): Jag med! Men bara så länge osten är miljövänlig!

Jimmy: Bora Bora!

Sven: Oh, sorry we were just talking about how Greta really likes smelly farts!
by Smetig December 29, 2020
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The welsh equivalent of the common internet term *facepalm.

Used in circumstances when a subject:
1) Does something stupid or unnecessary
2) Does not get a blatant joke or conversation (or understand sarcasm)
3) Is Jamie Argyle
Person A- Check out the remix to this song

Persona B- I love it! That dubstep guy is great, I love all his other remixes too!

by Velociraptor Jesus April 30, 2012
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