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A guy who's well versed in seeking and attaining the pleasures of the tight female bootyhole. Typically their tactic is to sneak in a St. Louis shocker ("accidental anal") and never call the girl again. Can also refer to a homosexual.
Jason: I totally slipped it into Alyysa's brown eye last night when we were having sex!

Paul: No way dude, that's four in one week. You're becoming a regular bootyhole bandit!

Karl: That new guy at work, Jake, seems pretty cool.

Tim: I dunno man. I hear he's a little limp wristed. Possible bootyhole bandit.
by TheREALharryjones August 06, 2010
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Someone who takes the booty from weak dudes and even strong dudes after wooping them in prison
What's up with Tone why he acting so quiet and shit. Oh that nigga soft ass nigga got his booty took(Manhood) by the Bootyhole Bandit. Yeah thats what he gets for talking shit to these Convicts in here. They change his name from Tone to Tina. That Nigga aint talking shit now.

Who dem niggaz in Medical. That's Big Rhonda and Clark. Big Rhonda the bootyhole bandit raped Clark in the shower but when he was done Clark fake like he was going to kiss Big Rhonda and bit his tongue off and beat the shit out of Big Rhonda for raping him. big Rhonda fought back but Clark still beat that ass. that is what Big Rhonda get for fucking with the wrong nigga. Not everybody in the joint is a soft ass punk buster sucka ass nigga some niggaz will fight for there booty and even kill you. I am glad Clark got that bootyhole bandit Big Rhonda cause that nigga done got at least 25 niggaz in here since i been here.
by No1one February 08, 2013
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