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1.When a womens ass is big and juicy, and your sleepy you use her butt as a pillow.The plus side its free and their there when ever you need them!

2.Find the nearest girl and lay your head on her jello-y butt and take a nap!
"Dang man im tired!''said the boy."Then get that booty pillow and get some rest!",said the dad"Good idea!"said the boy."Hey curly hair, hows your booty pillow"?0h, just get on"!"Good looking out".said the boy
by kascin July 11, 2011
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The world's first male comfort pillow.

A pillow shaped like a butt meant to replicate the feeling of laying on a girl's butt and the small of her back.
My girlfriend didn't let me take a nap on her butt so I used my Booty Pillow instead and it was just as comfy
by Booty Pillow Man May 26, 2011
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