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The Booty Licious Bungalow is a room of incredibly 1337 proportions. It consists of
1. A pro ass computer with WoW on it for all night pwnage and Itunes with kickin' tunes to listen to while the pwnage being done.
2. A TV with over twenty horror movies at its disposal.
3. An Xbox 360 with Xbox Live for even more all night pwnage.
4. A kitchen is conviniently placed on the floor above the BLB with delicious foods.
5. Last and certainly not least, a ginormous bed that can hold up to six people.

Only a select few have accept to the BLB. Upon entering the BLB you must pay an admittance fee, considering anyone that stays there for the night gets mad vaj.
The BLB was first designed by ****** ******* in the year three hundred elleventy five. It recieved it's unique name on the night that hawt vaj came over and we all had pro secks. As amazing as this room sounds, it has its downsides. For some apparent reason, one of the BLB co-owners smells like he has been bathing in pig feces for weeks. Another BLB co-owner has been suffering from hair loss after falling into the toxic sludge moat surround the BLB.

Contrary to popular belief, attaining STDs in the BLB only has a 72% chance. But you know what they say "STDs are like Pokemon, you gotta catch 'em all!". There is, however, one small rule. Anyone that tries to steal from the BLB gets his/her eyes gouged out. It seems like a serious punishment but everything in the BLB costs approximately $444;4258j2342012131123123134qde23424. If you know what's good for you, you'll come to the BLB and leave it as you found it. For questions on how to reach the BLB email me at The directions are much to secret to put on a website.
It is rumored that God lost his virginity in the Booty Licious Bungalow.
by Davey Deathkill October 16, 2008
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