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A subtle sexual stumulation technique in which a man squeezes one of a woman's buttocks to the extent that her labia part slightly.

This technique can be carried out when standing or when in a horizontal position, but the woman's legs need to be separated to some extent before the booty squeezle is attempted.

If carried out when the girl is sexually excited, the sound of the labia parting (sticky lips) can sometimes be heard in a bedroom environment.
"Amancia, wot dat wet nize from yo punaani?"

"Teddy, ya do tha booty squeezle so tight dat me sticky lips dey do clap."

"Me do like ya bumbo Amancia - I gonna suck yo pussy tongue and den cock it up when me buddy get fat."

"Ya gon have real wet buddy ah say ya."
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by Katie4eyes June 13, 2018
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