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When someone has a booty that is considered small and/or undesirable
Usually, wannabe booties are decided off of:
1) who ever is judging's personal preferences
2) the booties nearby. If there are huge booties nearby, a normal booty may be considered a booty wannabe because of the relative size
3) The booty being undesirable in any way.

A common misconception is when there is an un-perfect booty. An un-perfect booty may be similar to a wannabe booty, but you can actually enjoy an un-perfect booty.

also can be said like "booty wannabe", "booty-wannabe", "wannabe-booty", etc.
Guy1: Dude did you see that booty?
Guy2: Yeah... looks like a wannabe booty.

Guy1: That chick's booty is so small.
Guy2: Definitely a wannabe booty.

Girl: Hey, sexy, you want my booty?
Guy: No way, it's a booty wannabe!
by Budget Cuts July 05, 2014
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