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noun | boo·ti·go \ˈboot-i-ˌgō\

1: A state of euphoric disorder that begins with a sudden sensation of shock followed by extreme dizziness and aggressively impairs the mental and physical capabilities of an individual, after being mesmerized by the buttocks of another individual, making them feel like they cannot move, yet everything around them is flailing wildly about.
Bro, everybody keeps talkin bout 3PEAT from last night... Say she popped that twerk three times, and broke my twenty into 4 - Fives, then 20 - Ones, and the money never even left my hand till she snatched it all up on that last dunk!!! Last thing I remember her just askin bout a dance... That girl musta gave me bootigo.
by Hei Wuh January 03, 2017
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