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Take stuff without permission, pretty much just steal but with your homies in a gang sorta way.
Zach: we gotta boot gang my stuff back.
Homies: let's go.
by Tipptopcanning September 18, 2017
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When you get a couple of your hommies to help you jack someones shit
by Dat boooooi December 15, 2017
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How dumbass white faggots think "boonk gang" is pronounced. Literal dipshits would type this and make themselves look stupid af.
Hey Brian are you apart of the boot gang?
by Boonker100 September 13, 2017
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Bootgang is used when one’s items are stolen, robbed, or thefted.
My house got bootganged”
by ABJHEMRS March 13, 2018
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