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The epitome of Aghori pride. You will know he is near by his signature "BOOM!" that he cries out in his tantric meditation, or by the rotten stench of a cannibalistic geriatric that hasn't bathed in god knows how long. Commonly seen drinking his own urine, Boom Boom Baba has reached a stage of enlightenment that few will ever even dream of, he has learned to live off the land like a true Aghori, eating whatever he can find ( seriously, anything.). He earned his fame when aired on an episode of Wildboyz, over the years he has climbed to celebrity status, even having several cameo apperances like in District 9. If you look closely you can see him standing atop the humongous alien spacecraft with his arms in the air proclaiming his name... "I AM BOOM BOOM BABA"
guy1: "Dude I was walking down the street in India when I heard it..."

guy2:" heard what?"

guy1: "....BOOM!!!"

guy2: "Oh my god... it was Boom Boom Baba...

guy1:" I know, it was amazing"

guy2:" You're soo lucky."
by cockjuggling thundercunt October 12, 2009
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