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Booktivism (n) is the act of posting meme after meme on Facebook with the intent to promote awareness of a preferred political ideology or the wrongs of society in general, all the while sitting in your underwear in front of your computer. Antonyms: Activism, Going Outside.
Ex. 1: From the tome of Booktivism: "Hey, I posted 12 cleverly captioned images detailing how the current leaders are all coming for our things. You should be motivated to do something about it in a way that I will neither suggest or promote."

Ex. 2: Person: "Did you see all those things I posted about the failings of that guy's political initiatives?"

Person 2: "Did you go to your city council meetings or lobby your representatives to do something about it?"

Person: "No, but I-"

Person 2: "Did you rally people to join together in support of a better alternative or conduct a writing campaign to inform your community?"

Person: "No, but I-"

Person 2: "Have you even gone outside in the last week or walked around your neighborhood to meet new people?"

Person: "I scored the longest word on Words with Friends."

Person 2: "You're such a booktivist. Get a life."
by kataklyzmik June 19, 2013
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