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Booguns: a person of aboriginal descent that leaches off tax payers, sniffs wood glue and eats bananas sprayed with Lysol. You can find them loitering outside liquor stores waiting for them to open in the mornings and at the post office at the end of the month picking up their welfare and Treaty Cheques. They usually smell of alcohol and are often incoherent. Many live on reserves but most migrate to towns and cities where they hang out side the 7-Eleven asking for money so they can buy smokes and Royal Red.

Other slangs: chugs, pyoots, wagon burners, prairie niggers, redskins, Neechees savages, BFI’s, Bucks, squaw hoppers, tee pee creepers, yazzies, war whoopers, bits or huffs
“Hey Johnny, wanna go hang out beside the liquor store and do some booguns bashing?”
“Ya wait til one of those squaw hoppers comes out with a handle of Royal Red and smash his knees and steal it”
“Then we can hit up that party this weekend and get Neechee pissed”
Fuckin eh, that’ll be fun”
by Ernie Scarrrr January 16, 2018
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