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n - 1) a game played by 3 or more people who are bored out of their minds and cannot find anything better to do. It is usually played in a car while driving around but can be played on foot or on bicycles. The director (usually the driver of the car) yells out the word "booglesack" at an intersection in which the other players have to yell out 'left', 'right', or 'straight' to tell which direction the driver needs to go. The individual who says it the quickest wins that round and the driver must go in the direction that was yelled out. The game ends when one feels it should end and the person who won the most rounds is the winner and gets the ability to gloat and be the supreme booglesacker.

2) The winner of the aforementioned game (usually add on er to the end)

v - to win the game of Booglesack (booglesacking, booglesacked)

Andrew: Booglesack!

Alex: Left!

Ethan: Right!

(Turns left)

Alex: Haha I just booglesacked yo ass

Ethan: Fuck you noob I got it first


Ethan: I am the best booglesacker there is. Fuck you noobs I pwn at booglesacking I will booglesack any mofo who thinks I'm not the ultimate booglesacker.
by sydstorm August 06, 2009
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