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A Booger Rat is a person who is generally good at heart but also tends to have particularly ratchet tendencies, such as getting too spun out on a regular basis, listening to dubstep all day, trolling for party supplies, losing party supplies, and stopping a dope ass song in the middle to hear another dope ass song.

Although wild, the booger rat is harmless by nature and REALLY fun to play with. Booger Rats can be hard to spot in day to day life but in their natural festie environment, they can be spotted tweakin' out with poi sticks and glow toys, sucking on their pinkies, and holding large sticks (that usually glow) which are used practically for raging and keeping the Booger Rat Pack (BRP) together in the dark while also allowing Whompas Cats to find the Booger Rats for some good Booger Rat action for a short period of time.

ATTN: Whompas Cats beware!! The Booger Rat has a tendency to harsh a mellow, kill a vibe, and not let you sleep. DO NOT follow the Booger Rats unless you're ready to tweak out, get trapped, and have too much fun!!! BE READY
"I can't be a Booger Rat tonight, I've got work in the morning."

"I just dosed about 20 minutes ago and I've got some fire ass moon rocks.... Lets go be Booger Rats!!"

"I just want to do Booger Rat things with my Booger Rat friends!"

"No Booger Rats at the house tonight, I'm tryna vibe out."
by AtDub July 09, 2013
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