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A Band formed in 2006 by Shiffty McPhee and 3 Quater Gary. The band now has 8 members and reside in Westow. They are well minted. They have famous songs such as "Nuns dont kill people Rabis do!" and "Netto Gospel". The band members are Shiffty McPhee (vocals), 3 Quater Gary (Lead Guitar), Lord Eddington (Bass), McFringe (Drums), Felix "Jigalo" Chunderis (Violin) Christie "Sex God" Bumfield (Backing vocals and Backing Banjo), Matty "Down Here" Shipo (Backing Vocals and Video Director), Fat Pat (Drumkit and Food organisation)
Did you see The Boogalubes last night?. They were well blazin. Christie is soooo Hot.
by Boogalubes January 16, 2007
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