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A '''boofed out anus''' is the result that occurs over time while practicing a lifetime of continuous anal cavity and sphincter elasticity abuse caused by birth control methods such as anal sex and extereme prostate fisting to avoid unwanted pregnancy. A boofed out anus often makes and act of flatulence into a zephyr-like wisp of air that normal sphincters would produces as farts due to the gaping nature of the anal cavity. There are multiple surgeries costing insane amounts of money in order to reconstruct the anus in order to rewind the effects of anal boofing but not many surgeries have been succesful or produced any natural looking results. People with boofed out anus syndrome also suffer from ogre like cankles and low levels of intelligence.
Julie is so gassy today but thanks to her boofed out anus I have not heared a sound!
by suckiteasy August 08, 2014
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