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1)The erroneous attempt to blindly guess the last name of a gentlemen from Italian and polish decent.
2)A young man, usually in his early to mid twenties, who is the complete package of intelligence, athleticism, and common sense. His only downfall is his social awkwardness before he is intoxicated.
3)A bank teller who cringes, scoffs, and has uncontrollable neck spasms when you show up one minute before his bank closes and demand him to preform the most inconceivably difficult tasks.
Michael:"Yeah im half polish and half Italian, Henry is my father"
Friend/Stranger:"Isn't your last name Boobix or something?"
Friend 1:"Fuck than kid is shit hot, he's a little bit of a tardo though"
Friend 2:"Yeah he's a funken boobix and a half, wtv he'll be straight after he downs that 26oz of jack"
Friend 1:"what the hells so funny???"
Friend 2:"hahaha, that boobix at the bank shat his pants when i walked in at 3:59, and had 47 billz to pay with American money, a 100000000 $ check to cash, and 3 garbage bags of pennies"
by Johnny "two times" McGee February 21, 2011
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