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Boo Alive, also spelled Booalive, is a unique description for a relationship companion (boyfriend or girlfriend) , or in this case a "Boo" who appears to, but does not have enough adequate criteria to be a quality companion.

So much so that they are easily comparable to a popular modern doll called a "Baby Alive" known for having all of the attributes of a real baby, yet it is in fact a toy that can easily be discarded upon becoming bored of.

Hence the aforementioned combination description "Boo Alive"; they do everything a real "Boo" does, but is NOT a real boo!

Synonyms: Fake Boo, Faux Boo, Wanna Be Boo, Can't Get Right
Hey girl are you going to marry that guy, you two are always together? No, girl he not my real man he is just a Boo Alive until I meet my real Boo.

I am kind of lonely right now but I don't have time for a serious relationship, I just need a Boo Alive to keep me company for now.
by WordGoddess January 24, 2012
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