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Someone that is more then your booty call that you spend time with but not πŸ’―% committed. They know they're not your bf/gf.
Is that your boyfriend/girlfriend.. Na, that's just my boo thang.
by NoTown August 04, 2017
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A relationship with someone special who you do your thang with; You respect & got love for em.
β€œYou in a new relationship now? Na, that’s just my boo-thang!”
by rainmakersCHI August 23, 2011
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is a female that is not your girlfriend, but you share some type of relationship with her; you repect her and got luv for her.
"you talked to kyniska lately." "yea I talked to ma boo thang last night."
by KYLETTE October 10, 2007
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A term for a close friend, object of attraction, or close boy/girl friend.
Heyy is that your girl?
Nawh thats my boothang :
by FayJai December 26, 2009
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Someone you have an unofficial relationship with. You could be "talking" to them, you don't call them your friend, and you don't call them your boyfriend/girlfriend, you call them your "boo thang". Pretty much someone you care about/love/have feelings for.
Friend: What's the relationship status between you and him? I heard you guys were dating.
You: No, not yet. He's still my boo thang.
by ihateblake January 10, 2012
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