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a. a type of tree that is located in africa next to the wild bears who eat worms for food; with a hint of mayonnaise.
b. some sort of toy that is used by toddlers under the age of 2 and 3 months that makes orgasmic noises; only sold in East Compton at ToyZZ'R'Not'Ussss'So'Leave!
c. another word for infected cum aka jizz; a cum that oozes green.
a.Did you see that new bonjova that The Vinoya Family grew in their front lawn!?
b. I got Kristine and Ryan the new Bonjova they are selling at ToyZZ'R'Not'Ussss'So'Leave!; they are gonna be soo excited!
c. Shawquanda's man leaked out bonjova; and she was immediatley turned on.
by RyanGirll December 24, 2008
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