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A small, cozy coffee shop in the upper east Nashville area and directly across from Belmont University on Belmont Blvd., Bongo Java is as much about atmosphere as it is about coffee: organic and fair-trade java, hip service, extremely hipster and/or hippie, artistic, musically-inclined or academic customers who either sit inside and do work on their laptops or discuss the art on the walls or what they heard on NPR that day or sit on the porch outside and chain-smoke and people-watch.
Menu is small but suitabable for anyone be they health-freak vegan or vegetarians or junk-food loving college students who don't care what they eat as long as they eat something.
Typically shortened to just "Bongo" by frequenters.
Person #1: I went to Bongo Java the other day. So... it's pretty much exclusively hipster right?
Person #2: No, no... there are hippies too.

Person #1: So, the other day I heard snippets of Verdi's "Aida" on NPR.
Person #2: I think I want that abstract painting hanging over there.
Person #1: This coffee is so good. And it's organic, so I feel like I'm helping the world.
Person #2: My metaphysics teacher has the most extensive vocabulary I've ever heard. The other day, he used the word "pagophagia."
Person #1: Want a cigarette?
Person #2: Don't I always?
Person #1: Hahaha we're such Bongo snobs.
Person #2: Haha I know. Let's people watch!
by internal rhyme August 30, 2009
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