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1.Misunderstood individual.

2.Black or white male who is always drunk at a party.

3.Has a 50/50 chance of hooking up with females.
1. Q: Who is that quiet guy in the back dressed in all black? A: don't mind him he is Bongani

2. Omg Bongani you are so drunk

3. Q: What do you think your chances with her are? A: Bongani
by Akinfeev April 19, 2013
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Bongani is a very tall black male, who is often the life of the party. Sike. Bongani is good at sports and is and extremely amazing artist. They are multi-talented. Bongani knows how to keep a woman, he always loves his lady and often rejects the swarm of women who constantly bombard him with their love for him. Bongani cannot dance but can surely move his way into your heart.
Damn that nigga a sax, must be a Bongani.
by BlazingDragon77 July 10, 2018
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