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A Bong Westin can occur in most circle of friends. Though they may go by similiar names, always with the prefix "Bong" before the last name of the creature.

A Bong Westin is the apex drug user in a group of friends. Tending to stick to the usual trend of tightly packed straight green with in a bong, the Bong Westin may then choose to consume copious amounts of vodka before vomiting profusely.

Most Bong Westin's are unknown to spend any money on said green, though will occasionally spend scavanged change on said vodka. The Bong Westin will feel no remorse or guilt for any marijuana stolen, or for the acts commited when the said Bong Westin begins vomiting to allow for a larger volume of vodka to be consumed.
We were down at Nicks last night when a wild Bong Westin appeared. Straight away we see it stumbling in with two bottles of vodka it had purchased. No sooner had it appeared it had already vomited on Nicks bed and begun smoking as much of his green as it could scavenge.
by B Westside. March 12, 2012
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