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A condition that spreads around a collective group of stoners like wildfire. It begins when one gets infected with a particular sickness. This individual uses what is known as a 'bong' in order to enjoy his favorite enhanced vegetable product, then passes it on to his friends, thus, passing his sickness as well. Common signs that bong syphillis has occured is when one friend falls ill, followed by another friend the next week, and another and so on. It is suggested that mandatory water changing needs to be a priority of the group to ensure this does not happen. Also, when one is sick, it is only logical that he or she lets their fellow stoners know of their ailment(s) prior to engaging in a session.
Man, I was sick this week just like you were sick last week. I think it was the old bong syphilis.
by Sense21 February 22, 2007
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