The sudden urge to eat spaghetti, make puzzles or capture humans. Sometimes, it's all three.
Dude 1: Hey Brother, why don't you sit down and have some spaghetti!
Dude 2: Okay, but why is there a kid wrapped in Duct Tape?
Dude 1: I captured him! He is my prisoner!
Dude 2: Did you have a case of Bonetrousle again?
Dude 1: Yep.
Dude 2: Also, the kid escaped.
Dude 1: WHAAAT?!?!
Dude 2: That kid knows how to get out of a STICKY situation!
Dude 1: That pun was terrible!
Dude 2: C'mon! You're smiling.
Dude 1: I am and I hate it. I guess it's now time to set up my puzzles again.
by TheGuyOnTheInternet August 11, 2016
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A porrmantaeu of the words "Bone" and "Trousle", both which apply to the fictional character of "Papyrus" from UNDERTALE and is used as the name to Papyrus' Battle Theme (Not to be confused with "Nyeh Heh Heh", Papyrus' Overworld Theme); "Bone" refers to Papyrus' species as a skeleton, and "Trousle" being a made up word similar to "Tousle" which means to "make (a person's hair) untidy" which matches the unorganized, childish, and rambunctious personality of Papyrus. The word being made up also further exemplifies Papyrus' childish and ridiculous nature.
Person 1: What's Papyrus' Battle theme yet again?
Person 2: Oh, it's "Bonetrousle".
Person 1: Cheers, it's one of my favs!
by PolyPixl09 December 28, 2021
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user ‘bonetrousler’ is a tiktoker who, as of now, has 3204 followers. He posts often and 4 out of 5 people recommended following him.
OMG bonetrousler is the coolest person ever
I know dude. I know.”
by qsgore March 14, 2022
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