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One who embarks on a night out on the town with one idea in their thoughts - to get f***** up beyond belief on their choice of drugs - alcohol, ecstasy, cocaine, valium. You name it...
This results in a total loss of inibitions which invariably results in one of the following:
1. Waking up next to a fat hairy heifer
2. Fighting with Big Mad Malcy McQ
3. Pole-Dancing
4. Questioning the bouncers (CUNTS!) authority.
5. Stealing people's drinks from their table.
6. Staggering home hoping you dinnae get beat up by the local bampots.
Chaos mode. You've had one or four too many Double Glen Morangies and that girl you're eyeing up is actually a big fat hairy heifer. You think it's time to improvise a few moves on the dance floor, namely faliing on your arse. You see someone you know and talk s*** to them for as long as you can about how you love them really. You are a bomb scare!
by Malcy McQ February 02, 2007
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