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Bol.i.tics -noun

The practice of using politics to justify something (usually inaction) when it is not necessary to do so. Bollitics is usually deployed an all encompassing entity that acts to either slow something to a crawl or block it completely.

The word is a conjoin of the words Bollocks (-noun. British Vulgar. rubbish; nonsense; claptrap) and Politics (-noun. Use of intrigue or strategy in obtaining any position of power or control)
"I can't believe in a company of 5 people there is so much bollitics!"

"He's a master of bollitics. He will tell you that the customer requirements are wrong and then spend the next 30 minutes telling you what the right requirements are. Coincidentally, the 'right requirements' result in him not having to do anything."
by Adam Evans February 13, 2008
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Politics which are bollocks! Also used conversely where people talk bollocks but are used in a political context.
It was bollitics, which spewed from his rather large mouth!

Are you talking bollitics again!

How much bollitics does that person speak!
by Hew G E Rection March 24, 2011
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