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Character from the animé series Sonic X.

Bokkun is a small messenger robot who works for his creator Dr.Eggman. He carries portable Television sets around in a bag, which are used to display messages from Eggman himself. Bokkun has a liking towards explosives, and often finds humour in watching the message TV's he carries around, explode in the recipients face.
Bokkun often has bozzare mood-swings, often switching from insane, yet rather cute, fits of laughter to being morbidly depressed and crying.

At one point, many people mistook Bokkun for a chao, due his his slight resemblence to the Dark Chaos intorduced in Sonic Adventure 2.
Even though he is a very minor character, Bokkun was by far one of, if not THE best characters in Sonic X, often providing much humour and sympathy. Unfortunatly, he will most likely never be featured in any Sonic games.
Its also worth noting that his voice in the american dub version is just plain shit.
Bokkun pwns Chris Thorndyke in every way imaginable.

Hey, Bokkun...your TV, she blew up in-a my face!
by Egguman-sama August 31, 2004
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