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Boisel or ( bushel ) Currency, is a fundamental element or attribute of the idéaliste-équilibré economy. It is effectively another form of ( Time ) or ( Labour ) based alternative currency, however it defers form the subsequent currencies in two specific points. First, unlike the previous mentioned forms of currencies, whereby there value is exclusively based on an immediate performed act of labour . Boisel currency, is valued by the time and labour invested in one hour reaping of lb's180 of wheat or three wheat ( Bushels ) which requires one hour to harvest ( Manually ). Therefore it is not the value of the wheat it self, but rather the market value of the labour and time invested in reaping of the wheat that which is taken in to account. Boisel currency, unlike other alternative currencies can easily be exchanged between any number of different people and can be used as a medium in trade. Boisel currency, is not subject to interest, therefore it provides no prospect for the accumulating of excessive wealth. Therefore alleviating the manifesting of greed within the business sector, and subsequently society at large. Since Wheat is the primary ingredient for mans the most essential inebition ( Bread ) in the sustaining of life. It is therefore only natural that Wheat is used as a measure for the boisel currency.

Boisel currency denominations:
Boisel-currency, is a medium where its value is determined exclusively by the market value of one hour time and labour invested in the harvesting of Wheat. 2 Boisel's, equals $2.00 which is the one hour wage of a wheat Reaper.
by Darius Radmanesh May 22, 2016
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