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A slow and lowly character of the Animal Kingdom. Travels under the alias of "Beacome, Aaron." Is noted in the Bible as quote "...the one who shalt giveth CHODE a new meaningith...five is right out...and who shalt taketh on the KESSIAH when the cities of good and evil part, to decide who shalt becometh the Highlander." (excerpt from the book of George Clinton, chapter 6 verses 9-25)
Is also known to "bend it like Bekham" on alternating weekends. Started his balding phase during his birth (it should also be noted that following the birth, Aaron's mother mistook his PENIS for his umbillical cord, and bit it off with such force that tying it back on would be an almost futile attempt. To this day, the phrase Boigum can be heard throughout the halls of Mount Michael Benedictine High School.

Aaron has read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 30 times!
Hello Boigum. Lovely weather today, eh?
by Awesome Man Nelson September 25, 2004
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