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Bohemian Rules are a form of Ping Pong originating from the Islands of the Bahamas specifically Nassau. The game shares the standard rules associated with traditional Chinese Rules. The game is played with a focus on finesse, this includes highly skilled and highly acrobatic serves and returns. The two opponents play until 21. Once reaching 21 the losing opponent then calls for a win by two. with the losing player continuing to serve the players play until one of the two reaches a score of 22. Once 22 is reached by a player, the losing opponent then has the ability to call for a sudden death overtime which entails "next point wins." The winner of such point then is deemed the victor.

One rule that is less known, and often overlooked, is the backwards assist. when a ball bounces on a players side and the ball is propelled in the air, a spectator has the opportunity to assist. The spectator can aid the player by hitting the ball into the air allowing the player to hit the ball backwards (facing away from the table) onto the other side of the table. If the result of such hit causes the competitor who utilized the backwards assist to score on the opponent, they recieve one standard point and then two more for such a highly skilled maneuver.
"Hey do you wanna play some ping pong?"
"Sure, Bohemian Rules (Ping Pong) or Chinese?"
"Chinese! Bohemian takes way too much skill!"
by Jrawlz December 14, 2015
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