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1. Anything that has to do with you being kick ass; whether it be a personality trait, action, or attribute.

2. Something or someone that represents pure and awesome qualities beyond being kick ass

3. The feeling you get when you are currently, have already, or will...kick ass.

4. An expression of sexual dominance.

5. The essence of all people name Ryan or Reid.
1. After a long romp of a one night stand, Ryan turned to the hot woman in his bed. She looked at him panting for air. "Ryan" she said, "You've got some amazing bogossitude."

2. A friend of yours and his friend Tyler are at the mall. Tyler points in your direction as you're coming out of Victoria's Secret. "Hey, isn't that Ryan?" "Yeahh." you're friend says. Tyler replies, "I hear he's some some serious Bogossitude." "He does." You're friend replies out of jealousy.

3. You're classmate Johnny is pissing you off lately. You see him in the hallway next to his locker and issue him a beat down. After punching out his tooth and bruising his testicles you pin him down and stare him in the eyes, "That's bogossitude biiiiiiaaaatch!"

4. After screwing every girl in your grade, roughly 75, you move on to their hot mothers. Now that's bogossitude!

5. "Hey Reid! I heard you are born with Bogossitude?"

" Yea." you reply, "Yeah bitch, it came free with my 12

inch cock."
by R Weeeezy May 12, 2010
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