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A Bogey Break is when at least two people, and usually no more than ten, go outside to enjoy the comradery of a cigarette. It is important to note that a bogey break is always instigated by several specific events, listed below. At which point a non participant in the stupidity announces very loudly, "bogey break." Also, the person(s) who made the stupid statement are not allowed to participate or join in on bogey break. It is usually caused by these situations:
-When someone says something stupid.
-When someone does something stupid.
-As a way to get outside, away from annoyances, i.e. people.
-When you dislike certain persons in a dwelling and wish to get away from them without them realizing the purpose of the bogey break.
History: Bogey Break originated in the minds of all young cigarette smokers, so it belongs to everyone.
Gjergji: "Evan, how come Egypt never invented anything useful?"
Alex: "Gjergji, is that a serious question?"
by PharaohEvan February 27, 2011
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