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Boganicism refers to the 1. ideologies(error intended) an ideology held by groups of people within the genus of Bogannus Vulgarus, otherwise known as Bogan. Many bogans do not hold to any particular ideals, or in fact have many ideas which do not 2. involve the following: food, VB, sexual intercourse, sleep.

Those that do manage to stretch their cerebrum to the limit hold 3. opinions otherwise known as 'opinins' concurrent with bogan celebrations like 'Straya Day'. Straya Day involves the celebration of all things Strayan. Strutting around drunkenly bellowing the Strayan National Anthem, and buying Strayan flags that are made in China and tucking them down the back of low-slung shorts with half a metre of undergarment revealed above are common forms of expressing this particular ideology. 4. Fear of all things not bogan seems to feature strongly within the bogan ideology. They distrust anything or anyone who is not them. And boats, they do not like boats at all, though they find it particularly difficult to articulate why exactly. Nor do they appear to like natives, however this appears to be because they think that natives receive more unemployment benefits than they do, and not for any other less self-serving reason. They often have a particular fondness for the Southern Cross flag, though they are not sure what the five white blobs on it are, nor can they tell you why they like it, other than they 'jus' like it, that's wot'.
Boganicism, Bogannus Vulgarus, Bogan, Boganism.
by JazzX October 24, 2011
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