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Bogan syndrome is something that all Bogans suffer from all over australia. its when your weak and not strong at all so you hang around in gangs and go around bashing people for no reason at all most bogans start off by saying (what the fuck are you looking at wanna fucking go do you) when they say this quote it means they are trying to be tougher and stronger but really they are piss weak and trying to show off to there mates all bogans try to be tough by doing all the hard drugs having sex and getting tough breeds of dogs all bogans have either staffies or Pitballs tough dogs to match there personality because in there mind they think they are touch when they are nothing at all . you will find Bogan syndrome everywhere in Ravenswood Launceston Tasmania
look at that bogan over there yelling and trying to be tough in front of his mates

yeah he has bogan syndrome
by Apeman1984 December 10, 2012
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