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The legend of the Bog-Pimp has its origins in the murder of a prolific pimp from ancient times whose name has thus far escaped archaeological records. Stabbed in the back by one of his ancient hoes, the still living pimp was dumped in a bog and left for dead.

Ten years later, the hoe that murdered him was found dead. Her family was killed as well, and her friends and people to whom she owed money. Their faces, bruised and bloodied, showed signs of both beating and slashing, purportedly caused by the sharp, bony fingers of the Bog-Pimp.

According to legend, the decayed body of the Bog-Pimp still walks the Earth, allegedly occupying his time with the punishment of treacherous hoes, snitches and naughty children.
"Rat on your pop, and the Bog-Pimp will get you."
by Richard Hollingfuck December 26, 2012
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