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Meaning 'Bog Head', although typically pronounced 'Bog Ed' is a slang term that originated in the North West of Liverpool in the late 00's.

Commonly heard in: Parklands High School, Halewood, SFX, New Heys

Usually referred to something- an object (a pedal bike, for example) that is far below working order, or lacks adequate performance, as if it were dragged straight from the depths of a bog.
Ginger Charlie: Lad av just got dis proppa sik bike yano!
Fat Declan: Nice laa, oww much did it cost ya!?
Ginger Charlie: Only 20 quid yanoo lad
Fat Declan: Let's see it den kid
*Wheels out poor standard of bike with no tyres, chipped paint and only 1 pedal*
Fat Declan: Lad! It's on rims!
Ginger Charlie: Nahh its sik
Fat Declan: Oh fuck off lad its a bog-ed!
Ginger Declan: Cheeky cunt
by Speke Ed August 08, 2016
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