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Someone whose body/boobs is the only most 'attractive' part of her/his overall body, people love bodydependent-people because of their 'body', not because of their 'face/hair'. Their face is usually ugly as fuck.

e.g Channing Tatum, all of Magic Mike, Nicki Minaj, Denise Milani.
Angelica: omg channing tatum's body is so sexyyyyy, im gonna fucking jizz. omg

Kate: oh kill yourself, channing is body-dependent, his face is just, so fucking ratchet and ugly. his body is hot as fuck though, and who the hell would name their kid, "channing". never ever fucking name your child with "inning" at the end

**meanwhile in a land of lonely horny men**

Chris: god, im gonna fap to nicki minaj tonight.

Michael: dude, shes so fucking ugly, but her ass and tits are just enormous and sexy, shes body-dependent.
by CharmScorp July 02, 2013
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