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Someone who is constantly telling lies. A person who fabricates the most over the top and totally unbelievable stories.
"A Bobby Bullshitter"
"A proper Bobby"
"Ey up here's Bobby Bullshitter"
EXAMPLE 1:- "My dad paddled to the Antarctic in his dingy last week and killed a killer whale with his pen knife"

EXAMPLE 2:- "I pulled a wheely last night on my bike and the front wheel fell off, i ended up riding round on one wheel for two hours and at one point i was going so fast the police tried to pull me over for speeding but i couldn't stop because i only had one wheel. I only stopped when i rode into the lake where i found my front wheel at the bottom!"

EXAMPLE 3:- "what have you had for your tea Bobby?" "My mam's just made me a lovely steak dinner with onion rings chips and creamy pepper sauce" - When it's quite evident he's had beans on toast due to there being beans all down his front !

"What a Bobby Bullshitter"
by Klausey September 15, 2009
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