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A tricky sexual maneuver involving one female and five males. It consists of the penetration of a female through her three primary entrance orifices (vagina, anus, mouth) by three of the males, while ejaculating the other two males with her hands. While it is indeed a difficult maneuver, it has been proved possible to achieve.

The first ever Bobbing Penguin was purportedly accomplished in a hotel in London, England involving one American female and five Englishmen.

Rumor also exists of a possible DVDA Bobbing Penguin involving seven males, although there has not been enough evidence to suffice this tale.

This feat has gained the name of “Bobbing Penguin” because of the imagery of a penguin bobbing as it is walking.
Rachael has proved to be very open and talented sexually, as she has accomplished the difficult and exceptionally prestigious Bobbing Penguin maneuver.
by BKMan August 01, 2006
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