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Yorkshire slang meaning 'shit' or 'shite'
Something that is rubbish, serves no decent purpose, doesn't work correctly, a poor situation or is just plain old crap.
Also the excretion of humans, dogs, goats, cattle, rabbits etc etc...
Bill - "Jesus Christ Dave whats that on your sleeve?"
Dave - "Oh.. I slipped on some bobbar cutting through the park.. Fucking dog walkers want shooting."

Example 2:
Marlon - *old skool ringtone sounds* der, der, der, der, der *pulls out nokia 7210 in the pub...
Wesley - "Ha Ha Ha Ha" *falls off chair.. "what the fuck is that man?"
Marlon - Yeah, i dropped my iphone down the toilet at work.. Using this till the insurance pays out.. Its proper Bobbar..
Marlon - "has it got snake on though?"
by long jon donger July 26, 2014
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