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The best and only way to say hello or goodbye to a close friend that you wish great tidings upon. A word forged by the mouth of Poppa Lupus when saying his last goodbye to his dear wife, Mama Foopus. "Bobalupus, my sweet Foopus." He said as she drew her last breath. IT WAS SUPER LUPUS SAD! So for now, and ever more we shall all Bobalupus until the day we can Bobalupus no more. Having said all of this I must now depart. Bobalupus to you boys and girls.
You: Bobalupus, my dear Neighboor!
Neighbor: And Bobalupus to you lovely sir.

You just found out you got an A in a class you thought you were going to fail .


*attempting to Bobalupus 17 or more times in 1 hour will cause actual lupus and kill you.
by Droogene April 16, 2014
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