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The act of busting (or creaming for women) into your hand, only to smack your partner in the face with said nut, while projecting the phrase "BOBA BOMB!"

This should only be performed when your partner refuses to swallow or to receive a facial.

The phrase uttered while performing the Boba Bomb can be substituted for other phrases such as "Make me a pie!" or "HADUKEN!"

The smack can be substituted for a direct or open palm face punch, although this is highly unrecommended, because this reverts the Boba Bomb into a form of the strawberry shortcake.

Remember to say the phrase as loud as possible, as the point is to startle your partner before impact, as well to alert anyone within earshot about your intentions.

The HADUKEN with open palm face punch doesn't count as a strawberry shortcake, it just counts as awesome.

The Boba Bomb can be made into a competition with the point system being:

Performing the Boba Bomb: 10 points.
Haduken: +4 points
If partner cries: +2 points
If partner comes back for more afterwards: +10 points
If partner likes it: you just have mad props.
If partner makes you a pie afterwards: +20 points
If partner performs the Boba Bomb on you: -50 points and loss of respect*

The person with the most points at the end of the set time period wins and all others must bow to their greatness as well as tell everyone how much better sexually then they are themselves. Also, they must buy the winner taco bell or something.

Notes -
*(This can be done by the woman creaming in her hand and smacking her partner, or by letting her partner bust into her hand, and smacking him with his own nut.)
Example 1:
Guy: Hey baby?
Girl: Yeah?

Example 2:
Girl 1: So how as your date with Keven?
Girl 2: I don't want to talk about it...
-Awkward Silence-
Girl 1: He did it didn't he...?

Example 3:
Guy 1: Dude! SHE MADE ME A PIE!
Guy 2: FUCK! Alright... let's go get some Taco Bell.
Guy 1: What was that?
Guy 2: ... let's go get some Taco Bell, he who is greater sexually then myself.
Guy 1: That's what I thought.

Example 4:
Girl: I don't want to swallow...
Guy: That's cool baby, no worries, I'll just bust in my hand.
Girl: Yay!
by Keven Romeo Bean April 13, 2008
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