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Nearly identical to Netflix and Chill, except that Bob Ross's "The Joy of Painting" is always the viewing material. Once engaged in sexual activity, the participants must look at the TV screen every so often to gasp in wonder at the magnificent masterpiece unfolding before their eyes.
Man 1: I invited Jenny over for Bob Ross and Chill last night.

Man 2: How was it?

Man 1: It was amazing! He painted a windmill in a peaceful valley with... Oh... You mean Jenny?
by OfAaron3 March 23, 2016
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Bob Ross and Chill uses the same concept as Netflix and Chill. It is simply when you have sexual relations with a girl while Bob Ross paints in the background. It is recommend to have sexual relation either facing Bob Ross or on occasion gazing up to experience the breathtaking view.
Man 1: Do you wanna Netflix and Chill tonight at my place ?
Woman 1: No I prefer Bob Ross and Chill it is classy and romantic.
by Bob Ross and Chill Creator October 18, 2017
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When you watch Bob Ross with the squad but ignoring the chill because you don't have chill when Bob Ross is on
Hey dudes want to Bob Ross and chill? I hear he painted a new tree
by Bob Ross?? January 05, 2017
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