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Boatayy is a hybrid of Boat and a play on the word 'Party' as the Upper class gentlemen around the Wiltshire province of Salisbury, UK, may seemingly pronounce the word Party as 'Partayy', also there love affair of boats in which they attend meetings to talk about Sailing while enjoying a nice Bacardi and Coke, so combining the two words together into "Boatayy" is slang for the Upper Class Gentlemen to go enjoy homosexual activities while Sailing across the Channel to France, Typically heard across the Villages surrounding Salisbury, for example; Downton, Fordingbridge and Woodfalls.
Typical Downton Lad 1: mate i saw those two posh twats going for some Boatayy!
Typical Downton Lad 2: mate! that's my boss, Sir Charles.
by bellarmy April 10, 2013
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