Also known colloquially as a 'Rum and Coke', this is the classic, no-frills, good-old-days drink that remains to this day: a simple mixture of a Bacardi Rum (typically Bacardi Superior) and Coca Cola - nothing else needed. Don't bother with Pepsi; there's not enough 'body' to that soda to make it right. If you're feeling adventurous, a double-shot can replace the single in exchange for a stronger alcoholic taste. And if you live on the edge, use a shot of bacardi 151 instead for the great taste of a Superior-single with the potency of a Superior-double (in fact, most who dare try bacardi 151 will attempt this method over all overs).

No offense to the other definitions, but they couldn't be more incorrect - many a straight man, myself included, order these as their drink of choice; however, the love for such classics isn't restricted by sex, gender, personality, sexual orientation, or anything other than knowing what you want, a desire to enjoy yourself, and actually having good taste.
Bartender: "What'll it be, sir?"
Me: "Just a double-Bacardi and Coke, please."
Bartender: "A classic! You got it."
by Crevaan July 23, 2016
A mixer consisting of Bacardi and Coke.

Mostly consumed by women and homosexual men.

Princess Elmore gay-boy : "Bacardi and coke please"

BArtender : "Fuck off, this isn't a gay bar"
by Sniper Smurf August 20, 2008