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1. The name given to a person who often finds it hard to smile, in order to express joy at a given situation when a photo is taken.

2. The word used to describe someone who regularly gags at any form of emotion, almost to the point of being sick.

3. A form of make-shift food a person may cook up.
"Come on you boarer, stop swearing and covering your face in the photo."

"Did you see that boarer being sick as she saw that orphan get a new mum and dad for Christmas?"

"I haven't been feeling to well hubby so I cooked you a boarer for one, there was some pasta in the fridge, and a frozen pack of sausages in the freezer, i'll stick it all together and see what it tastes like. You eat it and tell me though."
by Griff Doggy Dog September 14, 2011
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