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An eastern seaboard lifestyle, NOT a society or group, of ruthless, very sexy, very underage, and very much so pretending to be drunk after a sip females, who range in age from 13-19 years. Their crass and egotistical attitudes hences the term "whore", along with their professional ability to rock any drunken college guy's world. They enjoy playing "hard to get", although they just spent 2 hours in a hotel bathroom fixing themselves up for a night of hormone rampage. Knowing the lifestyles of these creatures is more less a survival guide to rid yourself of avoidable disease, and criminal charges than for a denotation.

A term given predominately to girls who reside in Mid-Atlantic region of the eastern United States, and attend Senior Week in Ocean City, Maryland anywhere from the traditional week to a fortnight or more, on the second to fourth week, in June. In fact, a sexual encounter with a Boardwalk Whore can be considered ultimate, The Holy Grail if you will, of all sex you will ever engage in. The main objective of this group of indigenous females is to: score free beer, slink around town in clothes that would cause their parents to have heart failure, and ruin the lives of horny guys they have intercourse with by going back to Pennsylvania a day later. The security of spending a parental and rule free week or more away from mainstream society folkways, could be both viewed psychologically and sociologically.
That Boardwalk Whore was a bossanova chick...too bad she was in a SPELLING BEE this spring!! EWWWWW!!

Person 1: Hey, kid. we’ve just spent 13 years of our lives slaving away in academia, and now it is time to finally do something that reign supreme over our fellow peers and get laid...maybe even contract an HIV while doing so.
Person 2: Let's go to Senior Week in OCMD, and score with a few naive Boardwalk Whores!!!!...I'll make reservations!
Person 1: And I will never be able to look my mother in the eye again after returning!
Person 1 & Person 2: WOOOO! ROCK AND ROLL!!!!! GOD BLESS Boardwalk Whores
by the dynamo January 27, 2008
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